ANIMAL  DREAM is a Power Trio that brings a mix of funk, rock, and jam styles to your ears.

The sound of ANIMAL DREAM's live improvisational music is organic and soulful.

Playing all original music, ANIMAL DREAM is the combined effort of Chris Shay/Guitar,

Scott Stouder/Drums and Tod Walker/ Bass and Vocals.


Not your average Trio, the songs can best be described as

“Funkin Rock n Roll” set on getting you moving and shaking.

ANIMAL DREAM is based in Hawaii on the Island of Kauai. Originating from a barnhouse jam space on a friend's farm, to playing many music festivals with award winning musicians around the State of Hawaii.

This band is wild and ready to help you get your groove on.

Animal Dream, Keep it wild!



Chris Shay

Lead Guitar


"Green Dragon"


Tod Walker

Vocals/Bass Guitar



Scott Stouder


© 2019 by  ANIMAL DREAM